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I’ll lead the way

Dear Editor:

Well, I am the first real American-born for American supremacy at home and aboard to call for the entire resignation of the Barack Obama White House administration, including Obama. My “American Supremacy Doctrine” is recorded in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission official records.

Wikileaks has definitely brought many enlightenment and more up to speed with those of us who have been educated and ahead of the masses’ awareness.

If some had been properly taught by their university and college professors about the secret correspondences and cables and their evidence correction of deliberate errors in American history, political science and international studies courses at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, then others and I would have had far less friction and disbelief amongst many.

I remember a University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) two-day conference I attended around November 2001. I made my statement that, of course, would subject the speakers’ and audience’s premises and hypotheses to radical historical correction.

I was openly ridiculed by many panelists as demeaning remarks about conspiracy came out some of their mouths. But because of my stellar family upbringing and golden home scholastic education and my “formal platinum educational” prowess, my healthy, steely ego was unaffected by their negativity.

The very next day I brought in my “rock solid” supporting evidence. During the “shock and awe” experience there were many who conceded and proclaimed I should be one of the featured panelists. I presented my “Williamsburg Conference” evidence given to me by the RAND Corporation and the Williamsburg Conference that proved my attendance and participation in one of their “historical shaking moments” that only we chosen few do experience.

Wikileak’s Internet presentations are academia’s “sacred food” and “holy blood life force” in producing the best, most accurate scholarship possible that will stand the test of time. They open one’s eyes to see and understand the proper reality others deliberately hide from you in as many ways as possible to deceive you and future generations.

It’s time to purge all of the Obama administration and install a new “bona fide” American White House Administration with yours truly at the helm.

The greatest American story to be ever told appears to be at hand with CBS-TV, Time magazine and the J.P. Morgan Chase (formerly David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank and formerly J.P. Morgan’s financial powerhouse headquartered on Broad Street in the Wall Street area of Manhattan in New York City) as the presenting depository trusts of the evidence.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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