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Ignoring the truth

Dear Editor:

Here again is a response to Sue Gray’s (or should I say “Team Gray’s”) diatribes against Israel. They consistently either ignore the truth altogether or alter facts and contrive half-truths to serve their purpose. In all cases they never acknowledge that she has been shown over and over again to be wrong about the “facts” that she keeps throwing out nor do they attempt to justify them.

She was very kind in her last letter to extend her sympathies to Israelis and pro-Israel Jews for having to live with their conscience. It kind of makes you wonder why she didn’t extend those sympathies to the hundreds of millions of non-Jews around the world, who unlike Ms. Gray understand what’s going on in that part of the world, support the State of Israel and are apparently more than happy to live with their conscience.

In her last letter Ms. Gray like many others in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups keeps throwing around the phrase “disproportionate force (as defined by international law).” I’m not sure what law books she’s been reading but according to international law, a nation is entitled to defend itself against acts of aggression, and is not required to limit its use of force precisely according to the size and range of the weaponry used against it (i.e. Israel is not expected to make Kassam rockets and lob them back into Gaza). And, as the president of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Rosalyn Higgins, has noted, proportionality “cannot be in relation to any specific prior injury, it has to be in relation to the overall legitimate objective of ending the aggression.”

Ms. Gray in her last letter also referred to the confiscation, by Israel, of land set aside in the 1947 UN partition plan for a Palestinian homeland. She conveniently neglects to mention that that plan although accepted by the Israelis was rejected out of hand by the Palestinians and their Arab consorts who were unwilling to share anything with the Jews. They wanted all of the land, and immediately went to war with Israel to claim that land. Unfortunately many Palestinians still want it all, hence all of the killing and destruction that has gone on by both sides for the past 60 years.

Although Sue won’t win any prizes for her false and cutesy “sympathy” ploy she sure will win one for “chutzpah” (ask your “Jewish” husband to define that for you Sue). What other term could adequately describe someone who believes one shouldn’t defend against terror because it begets more terror, who believes your enemies lives are worth more than your own and that your country’s security is a small price to pay for appeasement.

Buster Feldman


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