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Ignoring the rules

Dear Editor:

Regarding your Jan. 5 article about overuse of the three wilderness areas, I would like to make this observation. The last time I went to the Conundrum Hot Springs, two summers ago, there was an obvious sign just before the final log bridge to the pools. It clearly stated that dogs were prohibited from the far side of the creek (where the pools are). However, in your accompanying photo, there is an unleashed dog only a few feet from the uphill edge of the big pool. With such disregard for one restriction, it is no wonder that formerly beautiful places have been trashed by hikers and campers who should have known better. On any summer night there, people are camped in closed campsites, and the smell of wood smoke from broken-off green branches is in the air.

Over the last 35-plus years, the hot springs, the grass, the trees and the old cabin have all been significantly degraded, sometimes by ignorance, but often by those who know better but just don’t care. Maybe you could publish a “what’s wrong with this picture” article to either educate or shame people about their wilderness “ethic.”

Edward Sullivan



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