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Ignorant America

Dear Editor:

Bravo to Chris Tessem for his letter of Oct. 20. It saved me from having to write something similar. I remain aghast at the banal ignorance in our country, fellow citizens forgetting so quickly who created this mess in the first place. If the Congress moves to the right we will deserve what we get.

I recently saw a bumper sticker in town: “Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Vote For Socialism.” Does the CMC have a good political science course these folks can take? I think some re-education is called for here. Or maybe it’s a complication with their brain cells. Fear has been a major political tactic at least since the Irish immigrated en masse in the 1840s.

I naively hoped we were past that when Obama was elected. I guess not. I’m really beginning to hate what these folks are trying to do to my country.

Joel Soroka


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