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Ignorance on display

Dear Editor:

Regarding all the letters to the editor using the word “ugly” in reference to “art” and the “art museum design,” it is one thing to have an opinion on anything art-related, but to condemn anything art-related by using such terms in a public forum is the quintessential basis of art ignorance. Opinions are one thing, but to suggest we shouldn’t support the art museum because of those opinions makes no sense. We are talking about what will be an institution no different than the music school or any other cultural center for Aspen.

Just because you don’t like what is playing today should not be a basis for not having the museum. There will be other displays you may like in the future. The same can be said of the administration of the museum; just because you don’t love what they are doing today should not be a basis for a future of not moving forward with what has been started, or for keeping the status quo.

As for the “ugly” design of the museum itself, again, is this really a basis for not supporting this? The museum and its supporters have engaged arguably the world’s greatest art museum designer ever to create … art. To make the issue a personal attack on the administration, and the people who are writing the checks to build it to the tune of $28 million, which will serve to create this center at no expense to the taxpayers, is senseless. The creation of the new museum will be a benefit on par with everything that Walter Paepcke created at the start of modern Aspen, The Aspen Institute, the Music School, the first renovation of the Wheeler Opera House, and on and on.

The Aspen Art Museum and its supporters have offered to create an art center that will benefit Aspen for years to come. As with all art, we should continue the dialogue that art should create. But I would suggest that in the name of not falling victim to ignorance, we should express opinions without all the bullshit name-calling and arrogant mudslinging I have seen lately. Remember, what is just a discarded can to one is art to another. That is not a basis for right and wrong, and certainly not a basis for attack.

Personally, I totally support what has been presented. I accept that while my opinion may not always be in sync with the Aspen Art Museum’s ideas at every given time, I totally support their ideals. I don’t love all art, but I totally appreciate the fact that art, at the center of what it is, is just that, art.

Mike Marolt


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