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Ignorance is bliss

Clayton Day thinks my previous letter was “ignorant, misinformed, and … undereducated,” which I guess only proves my point about people like Clayton.

Let’s take the points that Mr. Day specifically refers to in his letter, starting with election fraud: The state of Florida, under the direction of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, in coordination with Gov. Jeb Bush, ordered local election supervisors to purge 57,700 names from voter registries.

These names supposedly belonged to felons who had no right to vote in Florida. Problem is that at least 90.2 percent of those on this “scrub” list, targeted to lose their civil rights, were innocent. Notably, over half were black and Hispanic voters. Overwhelmingly, it was a list of Democrats.

Secretary of State Harris declared George W. Bush winner of Florida, and thereby president, by a plurality of 537 votes over Al Gore. Over 50,000 voters wrongly targeted by the purge, mostly blacks. BBC researchers reported that Gore lost at least 22,000 votes as a result. Stop me, Clayton, any time my ignorance becomes too apparent.

Breaking laws: Bush and his junta have committed numerous violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Bush has done this with executive orders and when he signed the PATRIOT Act into law.

Under Bush and his administration’s orders, thousands of people have been held in jail without any charges being filed against them and without access to lawyers. They have basically revoked the laws that make warrants necessary for searches of private property and for wiretapping.

Not to mention, of course, that Bush had no legal right to order the invasion of Iraq, or to be holding and torturing prisoners captured during the invasion of Afghanistan. All of this is illegal, Clayton, but really, let me know if I’m misinformed.

Illegal business deals: Bush claims there was no “misfeance” (not really a word, I know, but if George says it, it must be right) involved in his clearly illegal stock sale when he was on the board of an oil company that was about to fail. He says the matter is closed.

Actually, it was never investigated. The SEC board declined to investigate. At the time, George Senior was the president and one of his biggest contributors sat on the SEC board, but I’m sure there’s no connection (insert sarcasm icon here).

And some people are still wondering how George Junior managed to get the land for a new stadium for his Texas Rangers baseball team at well under its appraised value. Again, Mr. Day, let me know if my knowledge of these facts shows my “under-education.”

Finally, Mr. Day apparently believes that one illegitimate leader invading another’s country does make the first leader a better person. Thus, when Hitler invaded Stalin’s Russia, it made Hitler a good guy. Right, Clayton?

In conclusion, I thank Mr. Day for publicly demonstrating that I was correct in believing that many people seem to have their heads stuck in the sand. Maybe before Mr. Day again graces us with a letter, he’ll take the time to become informed and educate himself as to the facts. Or perhaps he is a proponent of the old saying: “Ignorance is bliss.”

Agustin Goba

Snowmass Village

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