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If you’re reading this, we know what you like

Christian Lander’s “Stuff White People Like” might as well be called “Stuff Aspen People Like.”

White people, like Aspenities, are fairly predictable. As Lander brilliantly points out in this satire, liberal Caucasians may think their tastes are unique, but they’re really not.

For 203 hilarious pages, Lander calls out white people ” especially those under 40 who obtained a liberal arts degree ” for their affinities that hardly separate them from other whites. Instead, their common tastes make them that much whiter.

There’s even a test at the end of the book to determine your level of whiteness.

I found myself laughing ” and squirming a bit ” when I read “Stuff White People Like,” and likely you will, too. Since you are reading The Aspen Times Weekly, you are a prime target for this lampoon, which aptly points out you are living in a cliche, no matter how hip and intellectual you think you are.

Lander identifies 150 things that white people like, from nonprofit organizations (No. 12), to microbreweries (No. 23), to The New Yorker (No. 114,) to Tibet (No. 124) to eating outside (No. 137). Any of those tickle your fancy?

Some entries are accompanied by flow charts and black-and-white photos, some of which were shot by Lander’s wife.

A note to the ultra sensitive and PC: There is nothing racist about this book. It’s merely self deprecating humor for white folks.

If you can laugh at your own whiteness, then “Stuff White People Like” is worth picking up. If it doesn’t make you chuckle, then you’re missing out on one damn funny joke.

And make no mistake, this book ” inspired by Lander’s blog ” is a sure bet to be a hit with, you guessed it, white people.

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