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If you can’t stand the heat …

Dear Editor:I do not know Toni Kronberg and have never meet her, so I am not here to attack her personality or character/or lack thereof! I am here regarding her comment in the recent article about her place of residence. She mentioned that she lived in various places in town, and rented an “office” in Aspen Village. As I said, I don’t know her and never seen her, so I have no idea where she lives nor care. Hell, I can’t even vote in Aspen elections.Toni, I’ve got good news and bad news for you! Good news first. The good news is if you do actually live in Aspen, then you don’t have to drive the “bottle neck” back up every morning from Buttermilk on in. You don’t have to move your car every two hours like the rest of us construction workers. And you did well enough in the election to force a run off vote in June. Pat yourself on the back.Bad news Toni: It is their business! You said in the Times article that questioned your place of residence, “It is none of their business,” I believe that was your quote (“Council candidate insists she lives in Aspen,” May 14). Well, you are absolutely wrong there! It is every voter in Aspen’s business! You are seeking a position that will put you in a place of trust with the Aspen voters. A position that is part of the dynamic change that is affecting Aspen … and not for the better! If you a willing to deceive the voters and tell a little “white lie” for election purposes, how will you represent the great people of Aspen if elected? Will you be just, moral and honest in your seat? Or will you manipulate things to work in your favor? Even if you are found to be truthful about your residence, you have made an ass out of yourself for being so shady and easily defensive in recent articles and letters. Everything in your life is public record when running of any office of political interest! Hopefully your personal life will stay private, but sometimes people are just plain mean and like to dig dirt and sling mud. If you don’t want people in your “business,” then I recommend you stay of City Council and other political positions.Best of luck in your quest for council. I hope that you will be a Norm for President supporter in 2012, and then we can start fixing the broken system that we all live in, but that is another story!P.S.: Toni, I think your pursuit of an outdoor pool at the ARC is a great waste of electricity and city tax dollars. Put the idea to bed. Why have a pool that will only be used three months of the year at best? Don’t most of those over sized and over priced homes there in Aspen have pools already? You should know, don’t you live in Aspen?John Norman, aka NormCarbondale

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