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If Ukraine can, can’t we?

Dear Editor:Patrick Hasburgh’s letter to the editor of Dec. 8 strikes a resounding chord. Ukraine’s intramural battle for the presidency is generating so much extramural excitement in this country precisely because it gives us an opportunity to vent, vicariously, some hot-and-heavy emotions that have been bubbling near the surface ever since John Kerry went down in defeat. Our presidential race featured a strikingly similar contrast between two candidates, one of whom was pushing for more genuine reform and greater integration into the international community; the other for more unilateral “Soviet-style” hegemony and further enhancement of entrenched domestic interests.We are like domesticated geese on Old MacDonald’s farm hearing the sound of wild geese flying overhead. The opposition in Ukraine has been able to stimulate our jaded imaginations for a very simple reason: If they could make entrenched interests scramble, why not we?Joel BrenceAspen