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If the shoe fits …

Dear Editor:

With interest followed by indignation I read the article about Rep. Scott Tipton refusing to sign a letter to release a federal grant to expand RFTA service (“Tipton: RFTA grant too congested,” May 18, 2011, The Aspen Times).

Tipton objects to $15,000 being spent for Internet service on buses. I wondered if he walks the walk. I looked up his financial disclosure form on the Internet. In October, November and December of last year the House spent $2,735.32 per month on shoe shines. Stern Shoe Repair Co. Inc. received $8,205.96 in one quarter to shine House members’ shoes, but $15,000 to give bus riders Internet access is an unnecessary expenditure of tax dollars.

I ask you, is this walking the walk?

Ward Hauenstein


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