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If not the rich, maybe Kronberg?

Dear Editor:It is a sad day when the Aspen City Council lacks the political wisdom to beg fabulous Aspen commercial real estate broker Ruth Kruger of Ruth Kruger & Co. to remain on the Planning & Zoning Commission.Unlike the Beverly Hills City Council, membership seated with only millionaire city council members, the economically impoverished Aspen City Council needs to be realize there are great limits to their governance, especially when they allow so many city panel seats to become unfilled.The three open seats on both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission is an embarrassment to both the city council and those in Aspen who brag about all the all wealth and billionaires which it attracts.How come the Aspen rich refuse to run for City Council? Maybe they feel inadequate for the job and lack the intelligence of all those millionaires in Beverly Hills who run for city council.The Aspen City Council should do itself a favor and place Toni Kronberg in one of those open city panel seats. Even if it is abhorrent to their impoverished thinking, they would be doing a great public service, not another public embarrassment they seem to relish and perpetuate.So from Los Angeles, will my superior wisdom be heeded and manifested for the public good in Aspen?Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif./Aspen