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If it’s not about Burlingame …

Dear Editor:Once again Toni Kronberg is spinning until we are all dizzy (or, in my case, nauseous) regarding Burlingame. Not about Burlingame? Puuhhhleeeezzze. First, I am not a part of the group working for Burlingame, I guess Toni thinks if someone is for Burlingame they are part of that group. Once again Toni’s “facts” are wrong and/or misstated.Second, Toni says this petition is not about Burlingame, it is just about giving “citizens a chance to vote on any large government affordable housing.” News flash – Burlingame already won by a huge vote margin once. Oh right, now it is about the costs! C’mon – guess what, Toni – affordable housing costs money to build and that was no secret during the last vote. We voted on whether to accept the land for Burlingame from the Zolines and build on it – we said yes – overwhelmingly. Does Toni think the houses would spring from the ground for free? Of course it costs money! Last, we have a signed agreement with the Zolines and frankly I find it beyond reason to tell them, and the community, now – how many years later – “Oh, by the way, about that vote, and about that signed agreement we have with you, uh well, never mind.” You know what, maybe in a way she doesn’t intend, Toni is right. This isn’t just about Burlingame. It is also about voting once and then deciding whether to honor that vote or not, it is about signing an agreement and then deciding whether to honor our word or not – honoring our word not just to the Zolines, but also to the community.Please don’t sign the petitions (and if you already have, request your name be removed). We’ve already done this and made promises and spent gazillions of dollars and hours based on a vote that we already had. Until the petitioners take out the retroactive features of their request, it is, to me, exactly about Burlingame and honor, no matter how Toni, or anyone else tries to spin it. Does anyone really believe this isn’t about Burlingame? If you can’t believe that, why should you believe anything else? If it isn’t about Burlingame then I challenge Toni and her cohorts to make the petitions about everything that comes in the future – not retroactive. That would be the fair approach.Scott WriterOld Snowmass