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If I were a king

Forty million dollars, $60 million or $72 million in 2002 dollars are all very significant sums to build two lanes of roadway across our open space.

And that expense will likely grow with time. Since the voters recently rejected dedicated bus lanes across Marolt, the only way to reduce the burden on two lanes of asphalt is to focus on encouraging mass transit use.

If I were king for a day, I would direct CDOT to invest that money and apply the income generated from that investment toward perpetually distributing a free mass transit pass to everyone who rides RFTA.

This would include free mass transit to and from any area served by RFTA, as long as the route includes the area where these dollars would have otherwise been applied ? between the roundabout and 7th and Main.

However, since I am not likely to be king for a day, I instead encourage everyone to vote early and vote twice for the S-curves.

Bert Myrin


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