Idiots in charge |

Idiots in charge

Dear Editor:This morning, I turned on the TV and watched American citizens, women, children and old people, hysterical, living in filth, dead and dying in an American city (New Orleans, of course) and then saw George and a bunch of Southern politicos grandstanding, showboating and patting each other on the back for each other’s great achievements in this “time of tragedy.” (Get a clue, fellas, these are the times of tragedy.)In the background there was a variety of equipment, including helicopters (all shiny and clean) and other vehicles which were obviously collected for the photo op, and all I could think of was that if that was my family out there on those streets, I would be wondering, “What in hell are these idiots thinking?”Why aren’t these fat, well-groomed governors, etc., out there with their sleeves rolled up, up to their knees in mud trying to actually help their constituency … maybe they have realized that the dead don’t vote …Please, be better than these people, give whatever you can, and fast – these are our fellow countrymen and just because we live in one of the most beautiful and fortunate parts of the world we cannot be allowed to think “the government” will take care of our people. It’s been five days (as I write) and our “president” just finally found time to visit and chat.Remember: or just google American Red Cross, and if you are reading this, you are alive and can afford something, for this you should be grateful (and giving).Geoffrey WhitneyBasalt

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