Ideas to shape the world |

Ideas to shape the world

Dear Editor:

As Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould pointed out, “The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best – and therefore never scrutinize or question.” The past few years have revealed vastly different cultural, economic, environmental and political plot lines than those we presumed to know.

The Aspen Ideas Festival continues to present a remarkable environment in which to scrutinize and question – and perhaps rewrite – the stories that shape our world. After an incredible week, I am convinced that human spirit and potential shines brightest when most needed.

I congratulate the Aspen Institute and its sponsors for once again creating an incredibly successful Ideas Festival. In an era of unprecedented global stress, it is more important than ever to convene great talent to focus on effectively dealing with the problems (as well as opportunities) at hand.

In a rich Aspen tradition, the Institute is carrying out its responsibility by encouraging knowledge, collaboration, and cooperation as well as by galvanizing change directed toward sustainability and the improvement of the human condition. Thanks to all of you who tirelessly make this possible.

Wally Obermeyer


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