Ideas keeps getting better |

Ideas keeps getting better

Dear Editor:The recently concluded event, the Aspen Ideas Fest, had many great moments. Coverage, especially by the ADN, was very good. KAJX live remotes were most helpful to this person who could not afford the big ticket price. And I expect to watch more of it on Grassroots TV. I especially liked the two evening sessions that I attended on Darfur, Sudan and entrepreneurial sustainability. I caught Karl Rove on KAJX hoping to figure this guy out, I found him bright but making nearly racist remarks when it came to immigration reform. The Ideas Fest missed a big opportunity by not having some balance to this very controversial man. Joseph Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, would have made a good counterpoint to that speaker. I hope for a growth in this direction for next year, though each year it has gotten better.Andy HansonAspen Highlands

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