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I’d like a raise, too

Dear Editor:

At a recent City Council work session the concept of a pay raise was introduced by Jack Johnson based on the premise the “job” was no longer part-time, but instead “full-time.” Mayor Mick agreed, adding he is often stopped by people who want to express their opinion as he goes about his business in town. The mayor then added the “abuse” that comes with the job demanded a pay raise.

I thought about what both councilmen had to say and decided, I want a raise! I deserve a raise! Just ask me!

So, I went to see my boss ” me. As I am self-employed, there is nobody else I could talk to. I sat down over ice coffee at INK! with myself to make my case.

First, over the last nine years I’ve produced and hosted more than 1,200 radio and TV shows. My salary is based on raising money through underwriters to buy time at GrassRoots TV-12, then I get whatever is left over. I wanted more of the pie. The boss told me to go out and generate more underwriters ” tough to argue with that concept.

But, I then pointed out that when I go to the supermarket to shop, or to a coffee shop to read the paper, people keep talking to me about the local political scene ” I mean why can’t they leave me alone? Is real “abuse” just around the corner? My boss pointed out that if my show weren’t about local politics, people would probably let me be. And your point, I said to myself?

Out of nowhere a man appeared who had been sitting at the next table. He said he was sorry about eavesdropping, but he couldn’t help himself and had something to say to me. (Once again, people talking to me when I would rather be left alone.) He said, and I quote, “No one sent for you,” adding, “If you don’t like the job, finish out your contract and look for other work.”

How dare he suggest I have a choice? What does he know? If I weren’t doing my show, someone else would have to ” someone who might not be of the same political bent as me. Or, even worse, might drop the politics, and do a show about what it’s like to ride a bus every day, or work a real 9 to 5 job or how hard it is to support a family.

No ” I think not. I like what I do.

Still, I am entitled to a raise, and I’m going to get one. I think I’ll ask GrassRoots to waive the fee charged to film my show. That’s it; after all I’ve been contributing local dissent, the backbone of democracy, for years ” I deserve something for it.

As to the “No one sent for you” comment, no comment … that is until I give myself a raise. Then I’ll have more time to devote to a proper response.

Andrew Kole


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