Ice age ending? |

Ice age ending?

Nate Peterson

I keep having to remind myself it’s March. Not April. Not May.This was hard to do on Thursday with mid-day temperatures in the 50s and all of Aspen melting like a snowcone in the sun. I decided to go on a jog around 2 p.m. in shorts and a T-shirt. I was sweating hard by the time I bolted past the John Denver Sanctuary, 10 minutes into my set 25-minute workout.I’m not particularly fond of running, but I must say this day was different. It was great to be out in the open, bathed in sun and sweat, as opposed to scurrying like a hamster on a treadmill indoors.This was release. This was renewal. For the first time, I actually welcomed the arrival of spring, as opposed to loathing the gradual retreat of a great winter.There were signs of change everywhere. Tiny streams crisscrossed the Rio Grand Trail as the snowdrifts lining the path slowly melted away. Spots of wet dirt were seeing sun for the first time in months, and the Roaring Fork had finally awoken from its winter slumber.Having grown up in Colorado, I know well enough that spring is not yet here. It may have felt that way Thursday and Friday, but I’m guessing we’ll get some more snow – maybe a lot more – in these next two months.Which is fine. I’ve gotten my great sneak peek of what’s to come, and it left me feeling elated about all the possibilities a new season brings.But it also made me want to savor what’s left of this season. The snow’s not gone yet, and neither is my desire to accomplish some goals I set for myself back in November – including finally perfecting that boardslide on the flat-down rail at Snowmass. The trail can wait until mid-April because, at this point, winter is waiting for no one.

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