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Ibby’s movie review

Dear Editor:A couple of days ago, I remembered what snowy days are for if you’re not skiing. I got it together for a downvalley shopping trip. If the schedule worked out, I’d see the Johnny Cash movie. I knew June Carter and her mother and sisters. I made some records with them and Cash. But, I wanted to see the story behind their meeting and falling in love.I left the theater as soon as I heard Reese Witherspoon’s Tennessee twang. I gave Mr. Phoenix the benefit of the doubt. I thought that he might start singing better after “Cry Cry Cry” was a hit. But, he can’t sing. So, I left. I have only done that a handful of times in my movie-going experience.June Carter acted like a boy-crazy hillbilly wildcat. But, she sang like a dutiful daughter of the dowager queen of country music. Her struggle between the differing passions of Saturday night and Sunday morning are what made the Grand Ole Opry and the Louisiana Hayride important. Miss Witherspoon is as incapable of portraying Ms. Carter Cash as Mr. Phoenix is of delivering a valid vocal performance for the Man in Black.Does the movie get better in the last hour and 15 minutes? There is a great look at Johnny Cash as he and John Denver are singing “Country Roads” on a new special they are showing on PBS, during their pledge drive. Don’t miss this. It’s called “A Song’s Best Friend.”Jimmy IbbotsonWoody Creek

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