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Ibbotson brightens Aspen

Dear Editor:Well, it’s Christmastime in Aspen again … snow is flying, fur coats and long hair are popular again, but some things don’t seem to change too much. Beautiful music inspired by the Rocky Mountains is still being made and donated to the collective spirit of our strange little community. So let’s give thanks to our selfless local troubadours, who dedicate their existence to exposing Truth and Beauty for our benefit. And special thanks to the supreme minstrel of Woody Creek. Through the years and tears and beers, Jimmy Ibbotson remains a bright spot in our creative culture. His songs have been important soundtracks for so many of our “journeys.” Giving so much, not only musically, but to the kids and many others. Thanks for sharing your gift with us, Jimmy (and yeah, I think Rippling Water may be the best Aspen anthem).Sammy SmithBasalt