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IB is the gold standard

Dear Editor:

My daughter, Cynthia Whitman, just graduated from Aspen High School with a full IB diploma. We have some very personal experience with this program, and I think Roger needs some further input about it. To quote my daughter, “Don’t take IB if you are doing it just to get into college; kids get into good colleges without taking IB. Take it if you really want to learn in depth.”

Yes, colleges do like IB as they know it is a rigorous Advanced Placement curriculum, which is standardized, so they know what the student has accomplished. Many high schools use their own individualized AP programs, and the colleges really don’t know what the student has studied.

The beauty of the IB program at Aspen High School is that the kids can do the full diploma program, or they can take one, or several IB classes. It’s up to them to take whatever they feel they can handle. Full IB is not for everyone; it is rigorous, to put it mildly.

Roger, I agree we need to enlist the help of all our brilliant residents to teach our students, but this doesn’t preclude IB.

Most of the kids doing full IB are super-achievers anyway, and believe me, they are involved in many extracurricular activities of every imaginable scope.

My daughter, for example, is fully involved in Theatre Aspen. Over her high school years, she has been in productions of the Hudson Reed Company, Theatre Aspen, Aspen Community Theatre, and all the high school plays. She has had the extraordinary opportunity in this small town to be mentored by fabulously talented adults in the theater community. Just to name a few: Marnie White, Marisa Post, Kent Reed, all the wonderful community theater people.

Roger, your hope is to involve more of the adults in this community with the high school kids. Well, I can tell you they are already reaching out to our high school kids in and out of school. The kids involved in sports and music have unbelievable adult mentors as well. More mentors would be even better; as a matter of fact Roger, many of the kids desperately need help with their writing skills ” this could be a volunteer seminar you could have for the high school kids!

Sometimes a school has to choose a program that benefits the most kids for the most reasons, and currently IB is the gold standard. Roger, check out the actual curriculum, it’s a great program if you take one class or all the classes available.

Geraldine Whitman