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I want my Emzy TV

Steve Benson
Aspen Times Staff Writer

GrassRoots TV is about to explode.

The nation’s first community television station is in the middle of the busiest and most productive period in its 32-year history ” releasing seven new original programs in the “GrassRoots TV Premiere Week,” which debuted last night.

“It’s just a reflection of how much production is coming through GrassRoots right now,” said station manager Corby Anderson yesterday. “It’s a combination of many things, [but] everyone is really hitting a stride of figuring how to best run this place.”

The Aspen Volunteer Fire Department’s “Put the Wet Stuff on the Red Stuff,” which is a co-production between the fire district and GrassRoots TV, kicked off the premier week last night. The program, edited by Fire Chief Darryl Grob, is a tribute to the state’s oldest volunteer fire department.

Other new programs include “Caviar and Class in Aspen: Aspen Art Star,” which is the brainchild of eccentric, part-time resident Emzy Veazy III.

Veazy, who’s perhaps best known for his public involvement in civic matters and frequent letters to the editor, sits down with Aspen artist Patricia Bukur in the first show, which was filmed in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“He’s a gadfly-philosopher-sage-type character,” Anderson said about Veazy. “He’s highly intriguing and annoying all at the same time.

“We’re happy to put anything on GrassRoots TV that relates to Aspen in some way and promotes Aspen.”

“Braised Short Ribs and Corn Dumplings,” GrassRoots TV’s recipe contest winner, features ex-Woody Creeker Bill Wilhoit’s old Colorado trail recipe. The show features Range restaurant’s chef and owner, Charles Dale, preparing the recipe at home with Wilhoit’s assistance.

“The 2nd Annual Wheeler Gong Skol” features footage from the outrageous community event held at the Wheeler Opera House.

“All About the Chem Trails” is the world premier of Aspen filmmaker Mike Kubasiewicz. An experimental film shot entirely in the Roaring Fork Valley and starring local children, Anderson said “it’s a bit of a conspiracy story ” pretty interesting and worth checking out.”

“Nick’s Journal, First episode: Vietnam, Nano, and Aerogel” is a production from Aspen inventor, artist, scientist and adventurer Nick DeWolf, who Anderson said “thinks outside the box on a constant basis.”

“Only in Aspen” is the creation of Aspen local Greg Simmons. According to a GrassRoots TV press release, the production is a “reality-show-within-a-sitcom [and] is a racy, darkish comedy about the high life in the jet set.”

Most of the premiers plus new episodes of regular programming, including the season premier of Ski Bum Theatre, “The Worst Show on TV,” will be aired through March. The latest Ski Bum Theatre “offers a new look and advanced technology that only means more confusion for the crew and cast of this ‘Wayne’s World’ meets ‘Science Fiction Theatre 3000’ meets ’70s ski travelogue show,” the press release says.

Anderson and John Masters, executive director of GrassRoots TV, created Ski Bum Theatre a few years ago as a forum for old ski films.

“It’s blossomed into this wild experimental television show since then,” Anderson said. “I make no assumptions that it’s worth watching.”

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