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I want a hero

Dear Editor:I want a president who can think on his feet and make decisions in a crisis, not one who thinks of the political consequences first and the safety of Americans second, (Katrina, Iraq?). Moreover, I don’t want a president who looks to photo ops as a means of conveying leadership, (“mission accomplished?”).I want a president who recognizes a good idea from a bad one and is able to express a vision that can unify Americans, rather than divide them (Sept. 7 Washington Post: “For Bush, a Deepening Divide”). I want a president who can take charge when no one else can and convey needed confidence to calm frayed nerves and confused, frightened people (Katrina?).I want a president who selects and appoints government people to positions of important responsibility because of their competence and experience, not because of their political convenience, loyalty and subscription to ideologies (FEMA, FDA, FCC?). I want a president that brings pride to me about being an America, not embarrassment because he rebuffs what our allies may say or want to do that is not in step with his policies (U.S. rejects Canadian help for Katrina?).I want a president with a plan that is believable, not one that is based on dubious information, questionable premises and cooked-up numbers (WMD, no need to increase taxes, budget deficit?) I want a president who is not colorblind to rich versus poor (U.S. Census Bureau reported the poverty rate now has risen 17 percent under Mr. Bush). I want a president that doesn’t put cronyism above economic sense (Halliburton, Enron, tax cuts for the rich?)I want a president who doesn’t put “getting on with his life” before dealing with the grief and loss of others (Cindy Sheehan). I want a president that is willing to put truth over falsehood rather than the other way around. Simply, I want a president I can trust.Barry PetersSnowmass Village

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