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I told you so

It’s too bad that Aspen’s mayor, Helen Klanderud, did not live up to her campaign promises that she would “listen” and check the numbers on the Iselin Pool and Ice Facility for “any fatal flaws” or any “glaring problems.”

It’s also too bad that councilmen Tom McCabe and Tony Hershey did not do a “feasibility study” on the pool and ice facility like they said they did.

And it’s really too bad that Mayor Klanderud and council members Hershey and McCabe did not pay attention to former finance director Tabatha Miller’s warning that if the council proceeded in the direction they were going, the council in 2003-2005 would have to make a decision about keeping both the Ice Garden and the Iselin Ice Arena open because of the enormity of the construction and operating costs with limited revenues.

If all three of them had done what they said they were going to do, Aspen’s City Council would NOT have met with the SPARC fund-raising group for Iselin’s ice arena yesterday to decide if construction has to stop because the fund-raising effort is $6 million short in cash toward the $8 million commitment that was made for the ice arena by the SPARC group.

The city will also decide “which” fund to borrow potentially $2 million or more from so that the work that has been completed on the building for the ice arena can be paid for, as the SPARC group missed their last $2 million payment.

It’s really too bad, that instead of looking at the numbers, as I persistently requested, to make sure the concept, scale and design that was chosen for the pool and ice facility was realistic, thereby preventing this potential disaster, Mayor Klanderud and council members Hershey and McCabe chose to try to “shut up, Toni!” with threats of restraining orders, headlines of “Has pool activist gone off the deep end?” time limits of three minutes, elimination of brown bag meetings, executive/closed sessions, “there will be no public comment,” no disclosure of costs associated with the pool and ice facility, and the false representation that a “feasibility study” had been done.

My mom always told me that you want to avoid saying, “I told you so,” because that means the thing you wanted to prevent from happening happened. She explained that it was better to prevent the “I told you so” from happening

So, does anyone have a few million they need to donate for a tax break? If so, please make it payable to the SPARC group, tax-free.

If not, does any one have any suggestions on how to make this thing work so that the ice arena can open this spring with the pools, youth center and climbing wall as scheduled?

Toni Kronberg


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