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I salute their efforts

It seems to me that the two young women – Michaels and Morgridge – who have set themselves to a community task bearing few rewards and lots of potential for estrangement, are not receiving unbiased coverage.

As a senior citizen I have almost no contact with the schools so have no opinions in the matter, but am interested in gaining a perspective on the issues.

I was impressed with their well-written letter which presented their viewpoint and outlined their efforts to date, and wondered why – after all the ink on the subject to date – they had to write a letter to bring these out.

What a good interview someone could have conducted with such articulate and dedicated mothers. They are whistle-blowers and are being accorded the reception usually given to the daring and hopefully thick-skinned people who fill this role.

Whatever the outcome, I salute their efforts and pay tribute to the freedom of speech that enables them speak out and seek answers.

Mary Gleason

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