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I don’t care

I’m starting a new group for unconcerned citizens called C.A.R.E.L.E.S.S. I made up a catchy slogan from the letters in this acronym – but I forgot what it is. It’s not worth the effort to try and figure out again.

This organization will speak for the vocal minority who believe that things don’t have to be messed with so much around here.

For starters, I could care less that the Morgridges are moving to Florida. Good luck to the schools down there.

I could care less about the Freedom of Information of Act. I don’t have the time or money to take advantage of it.

I could care less about the alignment of the highway into Aspen. I’ve looked at this from every conceivable angle and just can’t get too excited about it either way.

I could care less that the Pitkin County government is facing a budgetary crisis. Let them file for bankruptcy and start over just like every other idiot that can’t manage money.

I could care less that Eddie Bauer and Banana Republic are leaving town. I complained when they moved in.

I could care less that sales tax receipts are way down. Enjoy the Quiet Years again while they last.

I could care less about who or what is occupying retail space in the commercial core. Bullocks, Crossroads Drug and Tom’s Market are gone for good.

I could care less about the Aspen Ski Club. I lost interest after they transformed a great kids’ ski program into a great building.

I could care less about S.P.A.R.C. They’re doing the same thing with youth hockey.

I could care less about trains and trolleys. I get around fine as it is now.

I could care less about the developers. We survived the original land rapers 100 years ago and even revere them today.

I could care less about the airport. Long or short runway, people will come here if there’s anything worth coming for.

Todd Coghi


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