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I am sitting in Colorado, in the Aspen Valley

I am sitting in Colorado, in the Aspen Valley… in the wilderness peopled with strange two legged critters who share the space with strange four legged critters, though there are generally harder to find, and see.

Today the prediction is for 7 inches of snow…. today, and 2 more tomorrow. This is enough snow that if it fell on Washington DC or London it would bring the city to a grinding halt, emergency services and the military would be on high alert, all work would stop, offices close, and people would huddle at home till the white warning melted away.

Here, it is business as usual, maybe a little slower on the roads as we slip and lside around corners like kids at DisneyWhiteWorld. Natrue as artist is my way of summing up life here in winter. Nature As Artist. Every branch, every twig, is covered in a fine layer of white, defining it in ways that trees become a myriad pattern of brown bark lines with white icing on top, ocntrasts of greys and whites until all color disappears and life looks like an old fashioned black and white photo and suddenly a red post box appears as we round the corner…. one splash of vibrant color in a world of white, greys and black.

Vivid contrasts. Beuaty so deep and strong that sometimes my eyes hurt, they ache, they cry with overwhelm of the sheer glory and magic of my world.

For me, this is winter in the Rockies. Walking through a three dimensional never-ending picture postcard of breathtaking beauty.

Nature Is Artist.

– Tomas Gregory

Copyright 2004