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Hydro is an investment in our future

Dear Editor:

Fall in Aspen is nothing short of amazing. The air is crisp and clean. The leaves are stunning. It’s a time when I’m glad and appreciative that I am a fourth-generation Aspenite.

Maybe that’s why so many of us with deeply rooted ties to Aspen care so intensely about the valley. It’s why we designate open space. It’s why we encourage public transportation. It’s why we support renewable and clean forms of energy.

And it’s also why I am supporting the Castle Creek hydro project. It isn’t just about being “green.” Of course it will increase our renewable energy here in Aspen, and yes, it will reduce our carbon footprint by 5,200 tons each year (think of it as taking about 1,000 cars off the road), plus it will mean burning less coal – 5 million pounds less annually.

But more important, in addition to these ecologically sensible reasons, there’s another “green” reason to vote for it: the investment. By investing in local hydropower, we’re investing in my generation. We’re using our own backyard to be self-reliant, independent and resourceful – all while helping the environment and finding solutions to our biggest problem and one that will be inherited by my generation – climate change.

Please help to ensure that Aspen will remain a truly amazing place for many generations to come. Vote “yes” on 2C.

Jenny Hamilton


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