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Hydro foes lacked civility

Dear Editor:

I attended the hydroelectric debate at the Limelight Hotel and was disturbed by an absence of civility by a representative of Citizens for Responsible Projects (anti-hydro).

At the beginning of the event, both sides were given five minutes to present their views on the Castle Creek Energy Center. Randy Udall, representing Backyard Energy (pro-hydro), led off the discussion and spoke passionately for the valley and this community.

In response to Udall’s genuine and heartfelt statement, Maurice Emmer’s opening remarks mocked Udall’s beliefs and values. I found this personal attack to be disrespectful and offensive.

Also, I was disappointed that many statements made by the Citizens for Responsible Projects were either not supported or were manipulated half-truths. Even though they were on opposing sides and under personal attack, the Backyard Energy representatives demonstrated civility and respect that reflects integrity. I hope in the future the chosen representatives of all groups will honor each other even if they do not agree on an issue.

As an Aspen resident, it is my expectation that our community leadership for opposing sides can remain polite and respectful, and critical of an issue without resorting to degrading personal attacks.

Von Fumetti


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