Hydro divides us all

Dear Editor:

No one questions climate change or the need for cost-effective, immediate science-based solutions and behavioral changes. Nine hundred and 50 people signed a petition expressing their concern for this project – perhaps 2 to 3 percent live along these rivers. And that petition wasn’t bought by big money; it was a grassroots, educational effort. The real big money has been spent on ongoing propaganda and misinformation from the city.

We are all here because of the extraordinary environment our rivers have created. This project is dividing our community and getting in the way of rational debate and responsible, 21st-century- science-based progress. It is bringing out the worst in our local government and perhaps our community. And that usually means that it’s time for a fresh approach – solar, wind purchases, conservation and micro-hydro are very real options that do not require endangering and dewatering our stream.

We can’t afford to waste anymore time and money on this ill-conceived project – the opposition will continue, and the costs will only increase while we could all be working together on real, immediate, transformative possibilities that will bring out the best in all of us – now.

Time to take this one away from the politicians (and local newspapers) and turn it over to some real environmental scientists.

Vote “no” on hydro and dewatering our streams.

Michael Lipkin