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Hydro an exceptional project for Aspen

Dear Editor:

After working in Aspen for more than 30 years in the environmental field, I have been worried about the lies being spread by the big corporate money trying to buy Aspen’s hydro election. But in the past several days, I have been delighted by the overwhelming support I am hearing from all of my neighbors and friends about the Castle Creek hydro project.

I keep hearing things like, “Haven’t we had a hydro plant on Maroon Creek for years? And that river is in great shape, so what is the big deal about this one?” Or, “Isn’t this project going to really help with climate change?” And, “I have heard that out-of-town mystery people are paying for a disinformation campaign.” Also, “I wouldn’t support something where the donors won’t admit who they are,” as well as, “We’re voting ‘yes’ on 2C because it’s so good for the environment and won’t hurt the river.” There’s also, “Won’t this get rid of a lot of polluting coal burning?” and “Don’t we already have hydropower from Ruedi, and it’s really cheap.”

I am so reassured that people see that this is a project that is so important for our environmental quality – for the air, climate and the river – and that they realize the opponents have personal financial interests in defeating an exceptional environmental project.

I’m optimistic that Aspen voters cannot be bought!

Lee Cassin

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