Hushhhh … |

Hushhhh …

Dear Editor:

Ah, at last some wisdom comes out about that poor wretch Michael Cleverly. Thank God for Shelly Roy. Or at least thank the government that has harbored her for so many years in so many well-compensated positions that I forget exactly what her specialty is.

But I feel certain it qualifies her to judge who is and who isn’t a journalist. And I couldn’t agree with her more. Speaking as an actual journalist myself, I definitely don’t want our “profession” sullied by the likes of Cleverly when we have so many others, especially locally, who get it and know when to keep quiet. This may in fact be journalism’s most salient feature these days: keeping quiet.

The last thing we need is someone with courage and integrity coming along and spoiling all that. Especially when they’ve been known to be critical of you, personally, which I gather is Shelly’s main objection to Cleverly’s journalism. And to have a twofer that includes Elizabeth Milias line up against you on the same day in the letters section, well, I suppose Michael will eventually live down the shame. I’m not so sure about the Aspen Times and Swift, however.

Jay Cowan

Old Snowmass