Hunters, not vandals |

Hunters, not vandals

Although I no longer hunt, I do use the shooting range at Lake Christine.

As I recall, the lake and the shooting range were obtained by the Division of Wildlife back in the ’60s with funds collected from fishing licenses, hunting licenses, sales tax on ammunition and other hunting-related sales. Now, the Johnny-come-lately citizens of Basalt are crying foul. Who was here first?

I can, however, sympathize with the early-morning and late-evening noise from the range. I am also grateful that the Division of Wildlife is willing to work with the Town Council.

However, I find it deplorable that Ron Velarde, the”northwest area manager” of the Division of Wildlife, said that if the range were not available, that we shooters would be shooting signs and old refrigerators in every gully.

I have hunted this valley for years, and as far as I’m concerned, there are hunters and there are vandals. Vandals shoot signs and refrigerators and spray paint the sides of buildings. Vandals, not hunters. Every time I see a sign with a bullet hole I think, “Damn vandals.”

I would think that a representative from the Division of Wildlife would be able to recognize the difference between the law-abiding hunters/shooters and vandals, and have the common sense not to lump them together while speaking at a town meeting!

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Jon Gardner