Hunter, the Nell and Michael Skakel go to the dogs |

Hunter, the Nell and Michael Skakel go to the dogs

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Aspen sounds like a wacky place, at least if you read our press from the last week.

Marc Weingarten in the Los Angeles Times on May 16 recounts that Warren Zevon got some help from Hunter S. Thompson with some lyrics recently.

“Working with old friend Hunter Thompson, a man with a legendary disdain for deadlines, has been an exercise in forbearance for Zevon,” the Times reported. “‘He will be utterly responsible if you need him to be,’ says Zevon. ‘If you show up at his place in Aspen at 2 a.m. with a guitar, ready to write the lyrics, that might not be the night you’ll write the song. But by golly, he’ll call you on the phone at 9 in the morning six weeks later and start reciting lyrics.'”

And then go to bed.

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@ATD body copy: This now comes from The Age in Melbourne in a May 17 article on “50 Cool Things” related to skiing.

“If Aspen is ‘the resort’ in North America, then The Little Nell is ‘the place to stay.’ Located at the base of the main gondola on Aspen Mountain, The Little Nell is an American institution.

“Famous for its huge rooms, lavish suites and personalised service, it also has one of Aspen’s best apres-ski bars, the Greenhouse, right off the lobby, where America’s rich, powerful and famous rub shoulders with Aspen locals, drinking beer and eating pretzels.”

And admiring the plastic and diamonds in “one of Aspen’s best apres-ski bars.”

Also in that same ski section, a quick note that is one of the first international media reflections of how Aspen’s new helmet law will be portrayed.

“Aspen has made crash helmets compulsory for ski school students under 6 and may increase the policy next winter to include students under 12,” The Age reported. “There were 14 deaths on Colorado’s slopes this year, including five at Aspen.”

Hey, let’s take the kids!

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@ATD body copy: We like to note when Aspen creeps into a lurid national story, such as the trial of Michael Skakel, the Kennedy cousin charged with killing teenager Martha Moxley.

In the May 27 edition of People, the magazine recounts the drama and notes that while in his 20s, Skakel “took up the sport of speed skiing and soon made a name for himself as one of the top competitors in this country.

“‘Michael was very, very good,’ says Bill Miller, now a ski shop owner in Aspen, who raced with Skakel on the speed-skiing circuit. ‘He was a threat to be on the podium any race he was in.'”

Race of his life now.

@ATD Sub heds:See “Little Nell”

@ATD body copy: The Los Angeles Times also noted on May 16 in its Calendar section that pooches here are precious. (Shocking!)

Christopher Noxon of the Times notes that “We Angelenos like to think of ourselves as trendsetters, but it looks as if we’re behind the pack here.

“A doggie day care called Yuppie Puppy was catering to guilt-ridden New Yorkers nine years before L.A. got its such facility.

“And those in the dog business point to several cities as possessing better dog amenities (Portland, Ore., is famously dog-friendly, as are Alexandria, Va.; Key West, Fla.; and Aspen, Colo.).”

Send for the limo.

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