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‘Hunt’ is a four-letter word

Please permit me to proffer a few questions to Jennifer Johnston, who authored a column entitled, “Women are hunters, too” (Aspen Daily News, Nov. 9). Although my queries are directed nominally to Ms. Johnston, I recognize that her views are shared by all those who hunt.

What exactly causes you to “… love the way my excitement freezes on my breath on a cold November morning”? Is it the excitement generated by the anticipation of killing and butchering a totally defenseless and innocent animal or is it the high level of personal amusement you experience as you stalk or lie in wait, like an assassin, awaiting the kill?

Why does killing enhance your “… camaraderie of hunting with a few close friends”? Is there some special joy that flows when others well known to you share in the bloodbath? Do you all have a group high as you watch a downed animal take its last breath as its life force ebbs away?

You claim to experience a “thrill of spotting a buck before he spots me.” I simply ask, why does “spotting” unalterably lead to killing? Do you not have access to or know how to operate a camera?

Finally, Ms. Johnston, you believe the “the world might be a better place if more women experienced hunting.” I can only shake my head sadly and ask how the extermination of an animal, which poses no threat and does no harm, which is beautiful and majestic in its natural state, be a basis for bettering our world?

I suggest to you that the urge in certain humans to kill helpless creatures for fun is, perhaps, the root of the world’s dilemma, not its solution.

Ms. Johnston, pause for a moment and reflect upon what you advocate and endorse, and remember it is no coincidence that hunt is a four-letter word.

Joe Mincberg


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