Hungry coyote terrorizes Tiehack |

Hungry coyote terrorizes Tiehack

Dear Editor:

I recently was walking my dogs on Tiehack, when a very big, brazen coyote tried to take my 35-pound blind cattle dog. I drove it away before we had any real problems, but it wouldn’t leave us alone.

On our way back to the car, I let my German short-haired pointer give five or six good, hard chases, with no success. The coyote followed us halfway back and stayed in the tall grass waiting. Leash or no leash, that was one hungry coyote. So, to all my fellow dog hikers – beware. It’s still hungry.

Also, Kim Allen, if you are reading this, please contact me regarding Moki and my red heeler; we met on Monday, on Tiehack, near the water hole.

Marisa Silverman


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