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Human Luge Games

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

You with me yet on the forecast shorthand?

If I told you today was gonna be breezy, mostly with a slight, would you know I meant that it was to be windy, mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow?


Because tonight’s going to be breezy and mostly with a slight.

Friday is to be windy and mostly.

Saturday is windy and cloudy with a chance.

And Sunday is windy with a chance.

Same as it ever was.

My vote for the event with the most carnage at the X Games this year is the Human Luge, which will occur periodically throughout the weekend as luckless pedestrians lose their footing on the steep and firm walkway leading up from the base area to the bleachers at the bottom of the halfpipe.

The bleachers are awesome, putting viewers right inside the halfpipe, and lots of people will make the trek up the winding path sculpted out by the crew with all the best intentions of keeping people on their feet.

But as the events end and the throngs come down, look for just one person to slip on their duff and bang, we could have a whole group of Human Luge contestants in a blink.

So that should be cool.

Good shoes and boots, with an edge to them, might help. As would ski poles to help keep your footing.

Looking for an X Games shorthand of key events?

Today: Ski slopestyle.

Friday: Snowboard halfpipe.

Saturday: Motorcycle big air.

Sunday: Snowboard slopestyle.

Those are my picks of stuff not to miss, anyway. There’s always the option of going all day every day also. And if you’ve got just one day, Friday’s probably the day.

In another universe, St. Moritz will be hosting the Alpine World Ski Championships from Feb. 1-16, 2003. This is the largest sports event ever to be held in Switzerland and will include 10 races over two weeks.

The event expects to draw 100,000 spectators and 400 athletes from 60 nations, which is not bad for a bunch of skiers. Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves, who is the second U.S. skier to win the Hahnenkamm downhill, are the top dogs for the Americans.

Miller goes into the World Championships in second place behind Stephan Eberharter of Austria in the overall World Cup standings. Rahlves is in ninth place.

On the women’s side, Janica Kostelic, Karen Putzer and Anja Paerson are in the top overall spots. Kirsten Clark of the U.S. team is in 10th place, which is a solid showing.

Good luck to all in Switzerland. We’ll check back in after the hillcross ends at ButtermilX.

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