Human irregularities are Creation itself. |

Human irregularities are Creation itself.

I take issue with Kathleen Parker’s column (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, November 26,) and her statement: “… It is irrefutable that Nature had a well-ordered design. Male plus female equals offspring. It is a certainty that male/male and female/female unions don’t meet Nature’s standard. … such (Gay) unions fall short of any design that matches Nature’s intentions.”

Ms. Parker’s thinking is mainstream old-school, and needs to go the way of the dinosaur. Never in the history of the cosmos has Nature been wholly consistent, beyond the mere fact of the changing of the seasons.

In fact, University of North Carolina Professor Seth R. Reice in his book “The Silver Lining: The Benefits of Natural Disasters” explains:

“We must develop an ecological world view … to appreciate not only nature’s regular patterns such as the changing of the seasons, but also the irregular ones ” the untidy , dangerous occurrences: the disturbances and natural disasters. … We must accept that disturbances are a natural, vital part of life.”

Human consciousness must adapt to what is actually natural, rather than attempting to persuade others to buy into limited, personal illusions about what we have been programmed to think is natural. In fact, if it weren’t for irregularities in nature, the existing galaxies and human race would not exist.

In the article, “Eternal Mysteries: Science takes on the Imponderable,” Jeffrey Kahn writes, “Theory indicates that the very early universe must have had fluctuations in temperature and density. … As (Berkeley lab cosmologist) George Smoot explained, these variations are the primordial seeds that grew into galaxies … evident today.”

In other words, irregularities, fluctuations, and variations in nature were the very precursors for Creation. From this vantage point, irregularities in nature, human and otherwise, are Creation itself.

The belief that homosexuality is not natural is particularly white, Anglo-Saxon, ethnocentric thinking. Many Native American and indigenous peoples around the world hold homosexuals in high regard as having received a special blessing. They often become the shamans (healers) of the community. I can’t think of people who are more in touch with nature than indigenous peoples.

It is my sincere hope that all who have known pain from oppression will be given the greatest capabilities for compassion. I believe that people who have known oppression of any kind are at the forefront of the evolution of human consciousness. It is because of their suffering that humanity evolves.

Those who witness suffering have a responsibility to help alleviate it. It is compassion that includes people in community and endeavors to heal pain, rather than shunning and fearing what we do not understand. If we are all just splinters of the same tree-of-life soul, shouldn’t a compassionate desire to seek our common humanity, while honoring uniqueness, be the wave of the future?

Kathryn Preston


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