Hug a town councilor today

Dear Editor:If you live in Basalt, this would be a great time to thank any of the town councilors you might know. Folks are in full-on summer mode, busy with work, kids, and outdoor fun and such. Our councilors are doing all of that plus attending night meetings and sitting on other boards around the valley.Last week there was a master plan meeting (the council’s second night meeting that week) that got a little ugly. The special interests were out in force. People were hammering on the council that if we don’t get this one project we’d lose big in the affordable housing game. Actually, it was quite ugly.Bernie Grauer, a Planning and Zoning commissioner, cooled things off by explaining the history of the master plan process. It was the most honest and eloquent speech I’ve heard in years. Afterward, the councilors took turns explaining some of the nuts and bolts of the issues. You don’t want to hear the gritty details. Just know that if you think of Basalt as a community, not a commodity, then you’re in good hands.Jim PaussaBasalt


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