How to recycle a home |

How to recycle a home

Dear Editor:In these Aspen times, it is rare when those that for whatever reason, need to remove an older building or home, will make a quality decision that actually creates a positive difference in our environment …Two of those that have walked the talk are Mary Ralph Lowe and Charles Flanders. As residents of Castle Creek, they have just finished recycling an entire and very large home on their property.Rather than just bring in a demolition crew to take down the house with bulldozers and loaders, and then haul the debris off to our local landfill (as so many of our older local homes seem to be going) they made a moral and financial choice to recycle the house.This took a little more thought, time, money and consideration than a simple demolition, but the many benefits of this process echo throughout the valley.And how do you recycle a home? In the simplest terms, you hire a carpentry and labor crew to disassemble the home from the inside out and the topside down while saving appliances, doors, windows, insulation, roofing, beams, glass, flooring, studs and joists, etc.During this process, you have a free giveaway of these salvaged and very reusable materials. As it turns out, there is plenty of demand for these recyclable treasures with local individuals and small companies.And everyone benefits from this kind of thoughtful action by a couple that could more than afford to not care about such a simple thing as recycling. Especially a whole house!Bravo to Mary Ralph Lowe and Charlie Flanders, two of the best and most thoughtful individuals in our valley.J.S. JohnsAspen

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