Libations: How to holiday cocktail with 7908 Supper Club’s Matt Corbin |

Libations: How to holiday cocktail with 7908 Supper Club’s Matt Corbin



-Peppermint Schnapps or Rumple Minze







-Maple syrup

-Hot chocolate




What happens when you sip on a mix of cognac and roasted pear puree with lemon, honey, nutmeg and cinnamon?

You put both hands on your cheeks and go full-Kevin McCallister, that’s what.

It’s not that you’re mimicking the photo neatly pinned to your drink or because someone showed you a photos of Macaulay Culkin circa 2012. Your reaction is most likely the direct effect of tasting one of the 7908 Supper Club’s two featured holiday cocktails, which aim to set off most millennial Christmastime nostalgia triggers imaginable.

Blame it on the alcohol — no — Matt Corbin, director of spirits at 7908.

Over the past 15 years, Corbin has tended bar in a number of places, ranging from one of the rooftop bars in Charleston, South Carolina, to a streetcar in Cambodia. He’s built award-winning drink programs and is working on a series of new “weird science” techniques and draft cocktails at the Aspen supper club.

But although he says he and his team are constantly striving to bring the “wow factor” to their alcoholic beverages, there are some cocktails, like the holiday specials, that are all about paying homage to past.

“My mom loves Christmas, it’s like her Super Bowl,” Corbin said, laughing. “All of the flavors and smells are engrained in me and make their way into the cocktails.”

Until mid-January at the 7908 Supper Club, patrons can sip on Corbin’s nostalgia with an order of the Kevin McCallister; the XMAS Vacation, which is a hot chocolate, bourbon, green Chartreuse and marshmallow blend; a draft holiday-spiced mule; or the Broken Arrow, a tribute to the cinnamon-nutmeg-blood orange medley Corbin’s mom brews at Christmas.

But for holiday homebodies like myself, Corbin suggested taking a trip down memory lane and pulling from your own ghosts of Christmas past to craft the perfect cocktails this holiday season. Guess mine will have to be some alcoholic blend of Buddy the Elf’s candy spaghetti, which I have no shame in writing is absolutely delicious.

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