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How to help

The foundation has new a “Guardian Angels” program that provides medical and dental care, education, school supplies and, in some cases, food for kids for $50 per month.

Lots of organizations have similar programs, but they often pay only a fraction of the cost of helping a kid, noted Susie Krabacher, the founder and leader of the Mercy and Sharing Foundation. The $50 per month in the Guardian Angel program pays for everything needed by the kids in the foundation’s programs.

Krabacher said 100 percent of contributions go directly to aiding the kids in Haiti. All administrative costs are covered by Susie and Joe Krabacher themselves.

She said she isn’t trying to convince people not to contribute to other similar causes. She would like donors to add the Mercy and Sharing Foundation to the groups they aid.

The Guardian Angel program is a good way for people of any income level to get involved in philanthropy. Donors will receive photos of the kids they save, as well as occasional letters from them. More important, they can help the foundation save lives in one of the poorest countries in the world.

“I don’t want any kid to die,” said Krabacher. “Anybody any day of the year can save a child. Take the initiative, walk to your phone or computer, take three minutes of your time and save a life.”

A form that can be used to become a Guardian Angel is available at the foundation’s Web site at

General contributions can be made by people who cannot commit to $600 annually as a Guardian Angel. Krabacher said she appreciates the people who give a few bucks as much as those who donate $100,000.

Contributions can be sent to The Mercy and Sharing Foundation, 201 N. Mill St., Ste. 201, Aspen, CO 81611.

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