How to function as a nation |

How to function as a nation

Dear Editor:We must stabilize our population, borders, language and laws in order to function, without confusion, as a nation.To accomplish this I respectfully suggest the following:1. Place a five-year moratorium on all immigration, except for those that are already in our legal system to earn the right to become an American citizen.2. Establish English as our official and legal language.3. Close our borders; train and pay unemployed American citizens to guard our borders.4. Stabilize our population; take a census of all persons in the U.S.A. at this time. American citizens would be issued an identification card (ID) encoded with a computer chip that would activate standardized voting machines. Citizens from other countries would be issued an ID card that is encoded with the holder’s home country.5. The U.S. government would establish two separate facilities for identification verification only. No other data is to be kept.Eloise IlgenCarbondale

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