How to change the world |

How to change the world

Dear Editor:

With so much conflict happening in the world today, I would like to take a moment to simply acknowledge and bring to light an act of kindness I witnessed at the Glenwood Springs Mall.

An employee of Famous Footwear, named Katie, helped a customer using a walker, carry her bags to the other side of the mall. My words here will not bring to full experience the beauty of the interaction between these two people. Only I and the other employee present shared in the moment, witnessing this exchange. Katie will probably never be famous or rich because of this, which I know was not her intention. But, I am the richer for being reminded that each of us can choose to be generous and kind, if only for the simple, yet profound, reason that it just feels like the decent thing to do. This will be how we change the world.

Katie, you are a sweetheart and I noticed.

Julie Fink

Glenwood Springs

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