How should we break this to you? |

How should we break this to you?

There’s a ski patroller at Aspen Highlands who won’t give me his name.

Because I already know his name, as well as some of his nicknames, common and obscure, this usually isn’t a problem. But if I’m asking as a reporter, well, that’s when the colorful aliases roll out.

The characters “Bruno Contuli” and “Guido Pescasalido,” somehow, are still laughingly etched in my memory from interviews in years past.

It’s not that the guy doesn’t like to talk, or that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He does, plenty, on both counts. But he’d rather someone else be the mouthpiece of the masterpiece, and in the end it won’t be him who gives up the ghost.

He reckons ” and I’m inferring here ” that some things are best figured out for yourself.

Furthermore, he prefers to let, say, something as declarative as Highland Bowl speak for itself. After all, what more really is there to say?

The place is sick, dude. It’s a magnet for snowfall, bro ” multiply the reported snowfall by pi (3.14 …) on any given morning and that’s what’s up there. It’s a whole other world

While there’s no immediate danger of Highland Bowl being loved to death, it is at the mercy of its patrons and patrollers. It’s ours, now. And come Dec. 13 or thereabouts, the have-at-it fest commences.

And that’s the challenge with a column like this one here. I could tell you how sweet it was to be on the top shelf of the bowl yesterday morning, twice, staring down B-4 (or Before) and then White Kitchen. Or the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure card another patroller gave us when he released some holdouts from a “powder posse,” at Loge Peak. And, I swear, I wouldn’t be lying.

But what should we ” and I mean everyone ” save for ourselves. What’s our secret piece of pie? What won’t you tell your wife, brother, dying friend?

And that’s why my stoic patroller friend probably doesn’t like this column much. Not that he would ever say so.

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