How pure is Pure? |

How pure is Pure?

There’s something unquestionably impure about it all. The newest bottled water to emerge on what I had once believed to be a “saturated” market is called Aspen Pure.

It surprised me when I first saw it ” prominently displayed in the local bagel shop ” because of the undeniable physical similarities to its cooler-mate, FIJI water. The flowers, the fonts, the clear bottle ” a local, special offering from the Basalt-based FIJI, I thought? No, Aspen Pure is a “new” enterprise and has apparently “whetted” the appetites of both investors and customers, according to an article in the Oct. 17 edition of The Aspen Times.

Really? Perhaps this is all just a bit too close to home, but I find something inherently dishonest about this product. I have no problem with such a business venture ” in and of itself. Free-market economic theory dictates that if demand exists, individuals will organize to meet that demand.

OK, so it appears that demand exists and, as Pizza Hut founder and Aspen Pure investor Dan Carney states, “With the worldwide brand recognition of Aspen, this product will sell.” Great.

Aspen Pure isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, company to exploit and capitalize on the Aspen image and identity. The problem is, the “Aspen image” has a real and legitimate foundation ” in the environment, people and businesses that make up this great community. FIJI water is one of those businesses and their employees are our people.

It would seem that Aspen Pure is, in effect, biting the hand that feeds it. FIJI also happens to be a successful, growing company, one that any nascent company would aspire to emulate. The business model of Aspen Pure, however ” packaging its purified (filtered) water in the guise of a successful artesian (natural) water competitor ” seems particularly uninspired.

Ben Sands


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