How much change can we expect? |

How much change can we expect?

Dear Editor:

Just for the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley Obama supporter who don’t care about what happens to black Americans, in the black press in many cities across our country you can read news stories such as “Obama jeered, accused of not focusing on black issues” (Frost Illustrated, Aug. 13-19).

Frost Illustrated is a weekly African-American newspaper established in 1968 in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Recently in St. Petersburg, Fla., Obama was taken to task when he “was interrupted when several young black males stood, hoisted a banner that read, ‘What about the black community, Obama?’ and began peppering the senator for not focusing on their concerns. … It is rare for Obama to be heckled in a political forum, but it’s not terribly surprising that the protest came from a fellow African-American, said some observers.”

This is something to think about before you cast your vote for so-called “change” that has the same “end game” that abuses and uses “good efforts” for other purposes.

Emzy Veazy III

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