How happy can the dogs be? |

How happy can the dogs be?

Dear Editor:What a great letter to the editor by the gentleman from Aurora (June 30) comparing the dogs of Krabloonik to the prisoners of Guantanamo. Sounds like another one of the growing number of people boycotting Snowmass because of this mass display of cruelty to animals.The difference between the dogs and the prisoners is that most or all of the prisoners are guilty of terrible crimes. The dogs are only guilty of being brought into this world by a clueless individual in his quest for money.I wonder how happy your dogs are laying out in the sun on their five-foot chains in this 85-degree heat, Dan? If these were poodles, wouldn’t someone be arrested immediately? You were quoted in the paper a while back as saying “how excited the dogs were when they were getting rigged to pull the sleds.” This after being chained up in the elements 99 and nine-tenths percent of their lives. Ya think? Find another business, give everyone a break, especially the dogs. It would be just as satisfying for the handful of totally unaware people who fulfill themselves by going on a dog sled ride to watch a bear ride a bicycle.Don DixonAspen


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