How does it feel? |

How does it feel?

This letter is in response to Jouko Rissanen’s letter published in the March 5 Aspen Times daily.

Hey, Jouko, you know you are absolutely right. The developers from California who want to develop the Lodge at Aspen Mountain should be able to do whatever they want. After all, they are here to make money.

All the neighbors who built to the zoning laws were just stupid, and they should just sit down and shut up. Just because someone wants to build something that is two-and-a-half times the allowed height and mass, with zero side-yard setbacks, should be of no concern to these crybabies.

Oh, by the way, Jouko, did you hear the news? These same California developers just purchased the lot next door to your house out there in Snowmass. Their plan is to tear down the house that is on the lot and build a 74-foot structure. It is going to be so high that there will be a 60-foot wall starting 1 inch from your lot line.

They know this exceeds the underlying zoning but, what the heck, this is about making money. Besides, it will be the biggest house in Snowmass, and that has to be good for the town.

You don’t have a problem with this, do you, Jouko? You’re not going to be a crybaby and go bitching to the City Council, are you, Jouko? Didn’t think so. (They really aren’t building next door, but how does it feel?)

Mac Boelens