How dare you, Mr. Veasball |

How dare you, Mr. Veasball

Mr. Veasball, you are merely a hologram of a man. How dare you take it upon yourself to speak for “Providence”? You call yourself a soldier of Faith, Ha, Behemoth! You act as if you are a WMD of the Editorial page. Well you are! A veritable biological weapon, a “bacteria editorili.” A fungus that feeds on the inane psyche of the general public.

I can’t wait for you to throw the Pope’s name in your next letter to the editor. I am sure he will be seeking out your counsel on the coming Armageddon. Thank you, Mr. Veasball. I don’t know which newspaper we will be seeing you in next, when your ego can’t take any more of Aspen. I’m sure, eventually, we will find you in the editorial page of The Baghdad Daily News.

Tom Brady